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Preparing for the First Day of School

Preparing for the First Day of School

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


  • Food Services

    • The Eagles Kitchen at CVCS offers a mix of healthy, home-made style, appetizing and locally sourced restaurant-quality food to meet the breakfast and lunch needs of our students and staff. The rotating daily lunch menu includes homemade sandwiches, international favorites, a variety of bowls, grilled items, salads, pizza, vegetarian and gluten-free items along with the occasional sweet treat for dessert and more. In addition, the Eagles Kitchen is open from 7:30 AM through our nutrition break times where a variety of homemade, healthy breakfasts, griddle items, pastries, and beverages are available for purchase. For more information please go to
    • New Set-up Instructions:

      Before any food purchases can be made, all new and returning students must create a food account through K-12 Payment Center where deposits to their accounts can be made online via credit card. Deposits into the food account can also be made by credit card, check or cash in-person at The Eagles Kitchen window. Each time the food account is used, the transaction amount will be deducted from the balance.  This service offers many benefits including; online prepayments, recurring payments, viewing your child’s purchase history, and the ability to set email alerts to notify you when your child’s balance is low.
  • Uniforms

    • All uniforms are available for purchase at Lands’ End. To order please visit  The Lands’ End website link is on the uniform guidelines page.    The Lands’ End Preferred School Number is 900182247.  
      • We have acquired some samples for fitting purposes in our front office through October.  Our samples include Unisex polo shirts, girls’ fit polo shirts, boy’s and girl’s shorts, and girl’s skorts in every other size.  The shorts and skorts are to get an idea for an accurate waist size, no matter the style or length for pants, skirts, etc.  When ordering pants, you will only need to measure the inseam. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 949-493-5683.

Students will not be allowed in class if they are not in dress code. Read more



School supplies

  • Elementary students do not need to purchase school supplies—they are provided by the school. Students will receive their supplies from their teacher on the first day of school. This does not include a backpack so please send your child to school with their own backpack.
  • Kindergarten through fifth grade only: Bibles will be supplied by the school to go with our online digital Bible curriculum,
  • The following will NOT be provided by the school:
    • Second through sixth grade: Earbuds
    • Sixth grade: any NIV Bible


  • Schedules

    • Schedules are posted online through RenWeb ParentsWeb, our online gradebook. Click here to access ParentsWeb:  Students will be given a hard-copy of their schedules on the first day of school. If you have any questions about your student's course selection, please contact Mrs. Rutz at
  • Books

    • Junior high students are required to purchase their own textbooks from any bookseller. Click on this link to access the junior high textbook list  To avoid errors in ordering, we strongly encourage you to be certain that your student’s schedule is final before purchasing any books.
  • School supplies

    • Students will be provided with a specific school supply list from their teachers on the first day of school.  General school supplies that are not related to specific classes can be purchased ahead of time
      • Large binder with dividers or smaller binders for each class
      • Writing utensils - Black or blue pens, #2 pencils, and a green pen for correcting
      • College ruled lined paper
      • Earbuds/headphones (earbuds preferred due to the compact size)
  • Lockers

    • New students and seventh graders are issued new locker assignments. Eighth grade students will keep last year’s lockers. All lockers come equipped with a built-in combination lock. You do not need to purchase your own lock.

  • PE

    • Junior high students are required to wear a PE uniform for PE class. Uniforms are available at Lands’ End. PE lockers are also available for use; students need to provide their own combination lock.


  • Schedules

  • Textbooks

    • Students in 9th through 12th grade may have a mix of digital textbooks and traditional hard copy/print textbooks depending on the courses in which they are enrolled. For those teachers using digital books, students will be required to purchase them through Edtech. All Edtech books will be purchased once students return to school and schedules are finalized. Click on this link to access the high school textbook list
  • School supplies

    • Students will be provided with a school supply list from their teachers on the first day of school. All laptops need to be carried in a protective sleeve or backpack.
  • Lockers

    • Returning students will keep the same locker assignment as last year. New students will receive their locker number and combination on their first day of school. All lockers come equipped with a built-in combination lock. You do not need to purchase your own lock.
  • Athletic Physicals

  • Parking Sticker

    • All students who drive to school are required to have a CVCS parking sticker affixed to the passenger side dashboard window. Stickers will be issued by the front office at no cost.