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Summer office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


2017-2018 Textbooks for 7th-12th Grade

Junior High School

All junior high students are required to purchase their own textbooks. Books can be purchased through any online or in-store bookseller. 

Below is a list of textbooks necessary next year for all junior high students. This is not an exhaustive list of all the books, as the English novels are not included. However, it is a great resource if you want to get started in the online marketplace.



Publisher, Title, and Author


7th Grade Courses

Bible 7

Jesus the King by Timothy Keller


Bible 7

Stranger on the Road to Emmaus by John R. Cross

978 1-890082-72-7

World History 7

Holt McDougal World History 2012


English 7

Pearson Common Core Literature Grade 7 (2015)***


Life Science 7

Middle Grade Science Student Edition Paperback


8th Grade Courses

Bible 8

Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace


Bible 8

Is God Just a Human Invention by Sean McDowell/Jonathan Morrow


Bible 8

Ethix by Sean McDowell


US History 8

Holt McDougal United States History (2012)


Life Science 8

Middle Grade Science Student Edition Paperback


English 8

Pearson Common Core Literature Grade 8 (2015)***



Math 7 and Pre-Algebra 7 (all 7th grades except those in 8th grade Algebra 1)

McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra


Math 8: Introduction to Algebra and 8th-grade Algebra 1 (all 8th grades except those in 8th-grade Geometry)

McDougal Littell Algebra Structure and Method Book 1




8th grade Geometry

McDougal Littell Geometry (2004)



*** Just a note regarding books with Common Core titles. You may see books with the words “Common Core” in the title. However, CVCS is not a Common Core school and we will not be teaching federally mandated Common Core standards. As a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and an ACSI and WASC accredited school, we focus on providing a rigorous and exemplary academic experience by moving above and beyond both the California State and the Common Core Standards.

Math CoursesMr. Prouty tests all students and places them in the appropriate math course. Many students may already know which math course they are heading into and are ready to buy the textbook. If you are unclear as to which class your child is taking, you can either wait until your schedule is released or email Mrs. Rutz at


High School

Students in 9th through 12th grade may have a mix of digital textbooks and traditional hard copy/print textbooks depending on the courses they are enrolled. For those teachers using digital/ebooks for a course, the students will be required to purchase them through Edtech, and this information will be provided later in the summer. Many teachers will be using traditional hard/print copy books for their classes, and students may purchase the books from any bookseller. All book titles, authors, ISBN's, etc. will be released in July. 

Please contact Mrs. Fournier at for further information on textbook selection.