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Capistrano Valley Christian Schools

Preparing Students for Life and Leadership


At CVCS, we understand the deep desire of parents to see their children lead lives filled with meaning and purpose. We firmly believe that every individual is crafted for greatness by God, and our mission is to unlock that potential in each of our students. Our nurturing culture is the cornerstone of our students' flourishing. It starts with instilling a profound understanding of each student's intrinsic value in God's eyes and the transformative power of a meaningful relationship with Jesus. This ethos is passionately upheld by our world-class teachers and coaches, who are not just educators but mentors. They deeply care, tirelessly work, and consistently go the extra mile to cultivate leaders who are not only academically adept but are also morally grounded and driven to excel in every aspect of life. At CVCS, we don't just educate; we inspire greatness.

Capistrano Valley Christian Schools is a college preparatory, private Christian school in San Juan Capistrano, California serving over 700 students from junior kindergarten through grade 12, including approximately 30 international students from around the world.


A special place of faith, love, and learning. 

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Boy African American Christian School fourth grade student

Junior High

Offering a variety of educational opportunities and experiences.

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Junior High student Christian school girls and boys

High School

A critical time in the lives of young people to grow in their intellect and faith.

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Join our close-knit Christian community.

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Developing skills in visual arts, theater, singing, and dance.

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Small school community,
big school opportunity

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Parent Testimonial

I am grateful for the positive impact that Capistrano Valley Christian School has had on my child's life and education. I highly recommend this school to any parent looking for a school that values both academic achievement and spiritual development. -CVCS Parent

Parent Testimonial

The school's emphasis on creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment has truly made a difference in my child's educational journey. The dedication of the teachers to both academic excellence and spiritual growth is truly commendable. -CVCS Parent

Parent Testimonial

I cannot say enough positive things about Capistrano Valley Christian School. My child has had an incredibly supportive and amazing experience at this school. The teachers are not only skilled educators but also deeply committed Christians who use their faith to teach with grace and patience. -CVCS Parent

Parent Testimonial

Hands-down the best decision we have made for our children. We truly can’t rave enough about CVCS- the teachers are extraordinary, kind, patient, fun, effective, truly focused on Christian values and work with each child in the way they learn best. -CVCS Parent

Parent testimonial of school facility

The campus is always clean, is nicely updated, has vegetable gardens all over, is not too big / not too small, and is *secure* (the entire perimeter has a gated fence and an armed security guard outside on campus at all times). The school is truly wonderful- we love it. CVCS Parent

Parent testimonial of elementary Principal

The elementary principal is AMAZING. She is truly a saint–knows every single student by name and what they’re into, extremely guided by Christian values, a strong leader and a loving person. CVCS-Parent

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