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Susan Bundy

Titles: High School Math Teacher
Departments: High School
Custom2: 2018

Mrs. Susan Bundy

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Susan Bundy also lived in Hong Kong and Sweden before ending up in California. Susan completed her Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering and went to work at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach. 

Loving all things math and science, Susan started tutoring other students in her early adulthood and took great joy in finding different ways for students to ‘grasp’ concepts to make them their own. She spent the next 13 rewarding years in various product support positions including structural specialist, aging aircraft program specialist, new model introduction manager, dispatch reliability manager and finally as manager of the airline support program that handled ‘sensitive’ issues requiring cross collaboration within a variety of disciplines as well as vendor support. 

When Susan and her husband Tim prayerfully decided to have Susan stay at home to raise their two boys (Cameron and Ian), Susan once again started tutoring math students. This turned into a thriving small side business with 40 to 50 students a year seeking help with subjects ranging from algebra to calculus. 

Because of her heart for helping students, Susan was asked to substitute teach for a math class at CVCS. Through this position, it became abundantly clear that she had a gift for teaching! It is her joy and passion to reach more young, precious minds and to show Christ’s love for them and how they are more capable than they can even imagine. Susan continued to substitute teach at both the high school and junior high and joined the CVCS high school math department full-time in 2019. Her greatest joy is helping students unravel a problem and realize that they are capable of conquering math.

Susan and her husband reside in Lake Forest with their two boys. In her free time she enjoys hiking, days at the beach, and traveling with her family.

Bachelor of Science, Aeronautical Engineering, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo