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Mr. Dana Dill

Mr. Dana Dill

Titles: High School Bible Teacher
Custom2: 2016

Dana Dill joined the CVCS teaching faculty as a Bible teacher in 2016. With over ten years of experience in youth ministry, Dana currently teaches New Testament Survey (10th Grade) and Systematic Theology (11th Grade) in our high school. In addition to teaching at CVCS, Dana also serves as an Adjunct Professor at BIOLA University in the Biblical Theology and Ministry department and a freelance writer, editor, and occasional speaker. 
Ever since the Lord saved Dana in high school he has been passionate about helping others see the riches of God’s Word, taste the goodness of His grace, and be joyfully overwhelmed by His glory. With the Apostle Paul, Dana does not account his life of any value unless he finishes the course he received from the Lord Jesus: to testify to the gospel of the grace of God (Acts 20:24). He knows there is no one greater than Jesus Christ and no message better than his gospel and he lives to make that known in his students’ heads and cherished in their hearts.

He lives in San Clemente (the city where he was born and raised) with his high school sweetheart and their three beautiful girls. Dana and his wife are committed and happy members of Union Church in San Clemente where Dana joyfully serves on the leadership team. For fun, Dana loves hanging out with his wife, playing with his girls, being with his friends, reading his books, and playing his guitar.

Masters of Divinity from Talbot School of Theology (2016)
B.A. in Biblical Theology and Ministry at BIOLA University (2010)