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Jessica Burns

Titles: Sixth Grade Teacher
Departments: Elementary
Custom2: 2019

Mrs. Jessica Burns

Mrs. Jessi Burns has been teaching at CVCS since 2019. Before CVCS, she worked as a substitute teacher in multiple schools, as well as tutored K-8th grade students at Activ8 Learning Center in Newport Beach. Her classroom runs like a family because she instills Christian values into her students so they know they are cared for and loved no matter what, and they can come to her with anything. Mrs. Burns models failure and transparency for her students to show that sometimes failure is necessary for learning, and even the teacher makes mistakes. She teaches rigorous content that shows her students how to become self-sufficient and in control of their own learning to prepare for junior high. The subject she loves to teach the most is math because every concept builds on the previous concepts. Mrs. Burns loves breaking down math concepts with fun activities and math centers to make learning math fun and meaningful to the students. Teaching at a Christian school is a passion for Mrs. Burns, as she loves to educate students about the Bible and teach them that Jesus is the foundation of our lives.

Mrs. Burns lives in Fountain Valley with her husband. She loves working out, spending time with family and friends, reading books, and binge-watching t.v. shows and movies. 

M.A. Education - Vanguard University
B.A. Business Administration - Vanguard University
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential - Vanguard University