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Melinda Cohea

Titles: High School Art Teacher
Departments: High School
Custom2: 2019

Ms. Melinda Cohea

 “In the beginning, God Created…..” The first sentence in the Bible is why Melinda Cohea loves teaching the visual arts. She believes that each student is created in the image of God to create for themselves and bless the world with their ideas.

In the art room, it is vital that each student be “stretched.” Every person comes into the class with a pre-existing set of skills. Ms. Cohea believes that it is the responsibility of the educator to assess the abilities of the student and create individualized curriculum that will cause the student to continue on a learning curve -not stagnate in their own defined abilities. 

The phrase “I cannot do that” should be the foundation of the next assignment. Each art project is a tool for learning. Mistakes are embraced and used as a problem solving tool to allow the students to improve their skills.

Ms. Cohea has been teaching for a number of years in both California and Texas. She has a Masters degree in Education from Texas Christian University, as well as a BA in Art from that same institution. She has also spent time in the business world working with her family in both business and rental real estate. She has received several awards for art curriculum development as well as her own art works. She loves to sing in her church choir, travel the world, and cook.

M.Ed., Texas Christian University
BA Art, Texas Christian University