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Sara Abedpour

Sara Abedpour

High School French Teacher

Sara Abedpour has been teaching French for the past decade in language institutions around the world, using a variety of innovative methods and curriculums. After graduating with a Masters of Arts in French from the University of Strasbourg, Sara began her career teaching French to international students preparing for their entrance to universities in France. She also worked as an interpreter for social and medical services in both France and Greece which gave her a unique look into the challenges that many face navigating social service systems.

Sara has traveled extensively and lived on three continents. This exposure to different cultures  has afforded her an appreciation of both the beauty and the challenge of learning a foreign language. During her years of instructing French, she has realized that the key to success is finding ways to keep communication channels open and to always motivate her students. Sara loves seeing the light bulb come on for her learners and has been happily doing so at CVCS since 2019. As part of her teaching, Sara encourages her students to embody the spirit of the Lord by fostering an environment of selflessness and compassion in the classroom.

She sees CVCS as a laboratory for real life and strongly believes that when students practice empathy and understanding in the classroom that it imbues their spirit with strong, Christian values and it is reflective in all facets of their life.

Sara currently lives in Newport Beach where she maintains an active lifestyle and enjoys hiking, biking, playing tennis and spending quality time with her family and friends.

M.A. French, University of Strasbourg
M.A Translation, University of Science and Research, Tehran