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Jim Brewington

Titles: ASL Teacher
Departments: High School, Junior High
Custom2: 2020

Mr. Jim Brewington

Mr. Brewington has been teaching since 1979. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology and a minor in English from Texas Tech University and a degree in criminology from the University of Iowa. He has a Master of Theology from the Christian Mission School of the Bible. Mr. Brewington holds a certificate in American Sign Language and has been a professional interpreter for 30+ years. He is the author of  Let There Be Light Please, a book about ASL and the deaf community from an interpreter’s point of view.

Mr. Brewington has been an ordained teaching pastor for more than 35 years. His ministry passions are teaching Bible and theology and mentoring the next generation. He loves ministering to students and is excited to teach at CVCS because he is passionate about teaching his subject within the context of the Christian faith.

Jim has been married to his wife since 1971, and they have two sons, one who is with the Lord in heaven, as well as two grandchildren.

MA Theology, Christian Mission School of the Bible
BA Psychology, Texas Tech University
BA Criminology, University of Iowa