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Noah Cook

Titles: RISE Teacher
Departments: High School, RISE

Mr. Noah Cook

Noah Cook graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in History from Liberty University. He also attended Biola University’s Teacher Credential Program. 

Noah Cook began working at CVCS as a long-term substitute teacher in 2020, where he quickly built relationships with students of all grades through his signature games of tic-tac-toe. Later that year, Noah Cook transitioned to our RISE program and quickly became a crucial part of the community. Noah enjoys working alongside students who learn differently. He believes that identity is key to all students’ success and works to break off false beliefs that they are not smart enough for school. He loves spending Donut Mondays with his high school boys, talking about life and praying for one another.

Noah married his wonderful bride in 2019, and together they love to stay active. Noah plays a mean game of pickleball, can beat players of our varsity basketball team at one-on-one basketball, and loves Jesus.

Bachelor of Arts in History, Biola University