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Joseph Jasper

Titles: Educational Technologist
Departments: High School, Technology
Custom2: 2021

Mr. Joseph Jasper

Mr. Jasper earned his B.A. in Secondary Education and History with a minor in Theology at Dordt College (2015). He also received his M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership from Dordt University (2021) and his M.A. in School Leadership from Baylor University (2022).

Right after college, Mr. Jasper spent six years as a teacher and school leader at his alma mater, Whittier Christian High School. During that time, he taught a variety of classes, including Bible, History, Computer Science, and Entrepreneurship. In 2020, Mr. Jasper transitioned away from full-time teaching to become Whittier Christian’s Director of Technology and Academic Support. In this role, he assisted teachers and students in using classroom technology effectively, collecting/analyzing data, and much more. This role also saw him helping school administrators grow and improve the organization through several significant proposals, research, and other school-wide initiatives. In his years at WCHS, he also founded, led, and developed the school’s Business Academy, E-Sports Team, and Robotics Team.

In 2021, Mr. Jasper joined CVCS as the K-12 Educational Technologist. In this role, he works with teachers and administrators to imagine how we can use technology to improve our academic program for each student and family. He also teaches the school’s Computer Science and Digital Production classes, where students explore these unique, 21st-century topics in creative, fun, and innovative ways. Mr. Jasper is also the Director and Executive Producer of the CVCS Podcast Network, leading a team of students in writing, recording, editing, and publishing all of the shows produced in the school’s Podcast Studio.

Mr. Jasper lives in Irvine with his wife and son. In his free time, Mr. Jasper enjoys game nights with family and friends from church, making homemade pizzas, watching Star Wars and the Dodgers, and trying to catch up on his endless backlog of books and video games.

Master of Arts, School Leadership, Baylor University
Master of Education, Teacher Leadership, Dordt University
Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and History with a minor in Theology, Dordt College