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Rick Ortega

Titles: Junior High English Teacher
Departments: Junior High
Custom2: 2023

Mr. Rick Ortega

Mr. Ortega's passion for teaching started on a day when he chose to volunteer to help in a friend's classroom. He discovered a natural talent for engaging students and found a sense of purpose when volunteering with neurodivergent and neurotypical students. Finding ways to identify strengths and areas for growth in students quickly became a passion, leading to years of experience in substitute and long-term substitute contexts. He became a long-term substitute teacher for the retired and beloved Mrs. Radcliffe and was invited to join the team in 2023.

Mr. Ortega loves music and uses it in ministry at his local church. Passionate for the arts, conversing with Mr. Ortega about the themes and ideas in various forms of art is an easy venture. In every conversation, especially in his classroom, he aims to make the speaker feel seen, honoring every person as an image bearer of God. Having recently moved to the area with his wife, you'll find Mr. Ortega slowly taking on the lifestyle of those in southern Orange County: surfing, biking, and patronizing the bustling small business scene.

Bachelor of Science and Master of Education, California Baptist University in Riverside, CA.