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Review of the CVCS Business Class

Sender M Muller
Posted On 2013-03-28
Year 2012
Memoir The Entrepreneurial mindset is many things, but it boils down to working hard, learning what you need to learn, taking a chance on your idea, working around the problems that will inevitably appear, and understanding what you want and building your community and brand purposefully around your vision. This mindset involves being open-minded to problems which can help you identify opportunities. It also requires us to be willing to work hard to get your business and ideas off the ground, and to not be afraid of not having enough money, or knowledge before taking action. Furthermore, it has to do with being a leader, recognizing others talents and cultivating them. Additionally, it is being willing to ask enough questions of the right people to develop solutions to difficult problems or challenges. This can affect my life positively because it can help me to identify needs, to be willing to take chances that could pay off in the end and to see things differently than others and be willing to do things a little outside-the-box. It means that I will think differently and identify problems and solutions differently. The mindset helps you to see that nothing in life is easy and you need to work hard to move forward. It helps to see obstacles as learning points and opportunities. It helps you to set a vision and to work hard to get there and that the path is not fixed but there is always a path to take, and sometime the new path can take you places you never thought.

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