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CVCS is a Blessing to Me

Sender Karen, Senior Parent - Class of 2013
Posted On 2013-03-29
Memoir My son Alex started CVCS in his freshman year. He had attended public schools in Denver, Colorado and here locally in San Juan and San Clemente. He always seemed to get lost in the shuffle. Because we moved so often he struggled in school, but not enough for anyone to figure out what we needed to do differently. After a failed attempt to enroll him at a private school in Mexico, I called CVCS and spoke with Jo Beveridge. She was very kind and enthusiastic that Alex could be enrolled at CVCS. Keep in mind I was a single mother and couldn’t imagine my son going to a private school. I knew it would be worth the sacrifice. I knew God had his hand in this and I knew that this was the direction he wanted Alex to go. Alex was accepted on the football team as a freshman. Over the course of the last three and a half years, my son has blossomed into the most amazing young man. I honestly believe that it has been the influence of CVCS. The smaller class sizes and more one-on-one attention has been most helpful for him. The way the older boys on the football team took him and mentored him without any criticism, only encouragement shows in how he now leads his younger classmen with wise, humble guidance. I honestly believe that this experience at CVCS has made my son the Christian leader he is today. As a side note, CVCS has been a blessing for me, too. Usually, as a single mom the married moms tend to ostracize us and stay in their own cliques. Not so at CVCS! Never before have I felt so welcomed by such wonderful women, wives and mothers at this school. The friendships and outreach by the women of CVCS has made me feel truly loved and I feel like we are all a family! Thank you, thank you CVCS for all you your love. I wear the CVCS magnet and license plate frame proudly on my car and highly recommend CVCS to anyone who will listen.

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