Testimonials » CVCS has been a blessing to our family in so many ways.

CVCS has been a blessing to our family in so many ways.

Sender Keri S.
Posted On 2013-11-06
Year 2013
Memoir CVCS has been a blessing to our family in so many ways. We have two boys in the high school and have been at the school for 13 years. Our oldest Sam started in Mrs. Sands’ Kindergarten class and is now a senior and our sophomore Ben started in Mrs. Rabun’s JK class. The groups of 4 & 5yr olds that they started school with stayed pretty much intact up through the 8th grade. The families in these groups have become lifelong friends to us - ones we travel with, do Bible studies with and share life’s ups and downs with.

As a CVCS freshman, Sam played and excelled on the varsity football team during an exciting league-winning season. Football was and is the love of his life and as a small boy we made him wait to play until high school. Going into his sophomore year there was doubt as to whether CVCS could field a team due to lack of interest. This posed a great dilemma for our family. The school that we and our boys loved so dearly may not offer the sport our son loved and had waited to play. In June of that year we decided to transfer him to another Christian school with a strong football program – taking into consideration that CIF then allowed transferring between freshman and sophomore years without penalty.

Sam attended Orange Lutheran during his sophomore and junior years – and although I knew we loved CVCS before he left…we really knew it after. We realized how many gifts we had taken for granted at CVCS that just don’t exist at a bigger school:
Miss Julie always available at the front desk to help with the big and small things (and never without with a smile)
Having a human being answering the phones
Teachers, coaches and staff who know you child’s name and truly care about their well being
Administration who have time to hear your concerns
Parents being known by name by the staff and other parents
Knowing your child’s friends and their parents
Opportunity for the students to participate in almost everything they want
Formation of deep life changing relationships – rather than “ of the moment” acquaintances
Also, even though Olu is Christian, the lack of a more intimate setting led to Sam to moving away from the Lord and being less accountable to anyone.
The blessing was that, despite having his brother at larger school, our younger son Ben – also a football player - chose to stay at CVCS for high school. He is thriving both athletically and academically at CVCS. The athletic opportunities and excellent coaching he has playing under Coach Dodd and Preszler has resulted in him already receiving two full D1 college football scholarships.

As for Sam, the irony is that due to injuries in his sophomore and junior years he never played football at Orange Lutheran (knee surgery & wrist surgery). By God’s grace, in preparation for returning to Olu football, Sam began personal training with Coach Preszler. After couple of months with Coach Preszler, Sam came to us and said he would like to return to CVCS for his senior year – he wanted to play football with his brother and for Coach Preszler and Coach Dodd. Needless to say, we were thrilled! To have our boys on that field together being led by men who love the Lord and love our boys as well is such a blessing. Since returning Sam is thriving as well. Being back at CVCS has deepened his relationship with the Lord, with his brother and has strengthened and unified our family.
Thank you CVCS for the transforming impact you have had on our family!

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