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Eagle Community Newsletter » A CVCS Senior Speaks on Intellectual Curiosity

A CVCS Senior Speaks on Intellectual Curiosity

Having attended CVCS for the past 13 years, I’ve developed the ability to apply my faith in the classroom and in life. I recently had the opportunity to stand up for my faith and realized that I was far more equipped for that task than I had initially assumed. What I used to defend my faith, however, didn’t even come from Bible class, but from a project in my science class in eighth grade. CVCS doesn’t limit Christianity to the Bible classroom, but it is integrated into every aspect of their teaching.

In my eighth grade physical science class, we had just learned about the big bang theory and evolution, and where Christianity lines up with those theories and where it opposes them. Our teacher told us that we were going to have a debate the next day about what we believed. We could pick any side of the argument, but we had to find facts to be able to defend it. Having been raised in a Christian environment my whole life, I had never questioned Christianity, but knowing I would be put to the test, I went home and fact checked what I believed. I was surprised to find both viable facts and strong counterarguments.

The next class, when we came in with our list of questions and facts, I was surprised by how easily I knew the answers to the kinds of questions that came up. I hadn’t ever taken a theology course and memorized all the answers, but these truths were introduced throughout my upbringing at CVCS. The debate we had gave me a better perspective that Christianity isn’t just blind faith, but is logical and supported by facts. It also gave me the initiative to pursue Christianity without the bias of having been raised in a Christian household and at a Christian school, but see it as a true religion.

This experience from five years ago has stuck with me as more and more non-Christian influences come into my life. That project wasn’t just a project to me, but has changed my mindset in pursuing truth in all elements of my education. The truths I learned from that day have helped me stand up for what I believe and make my faith my own. Through amazing teachers that have invested in my academic and spiritual growth, I am confident that CVCS has prepared me for future success.

Hannah R., Class of 2019