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Eagle Community Newsletter » Protecting Our Assets: Safeguarding Your Children with Enhanced Security

Protecting Our Assets: Safeguarding Your Children with Enhanced Security

While the intellectual and spiritual development of our students is at the heart of our academic mission, our first priority is to ensure the safety and security of our school community. At CVCS, we are blessed to operate a safe school in a safe community. At the same time, the sad reality of ongoing school violence across the nation has compelled us to prioritize the funding and implementation of specific steps designed to further advance our security measures to keep our students safe. We made several improvements last year, and we are pleased to share with you some more exciting developments in our efforts to protect your children.
Last year, CVCS invested in hiring a full time armed security guard to maximize our ability to respond to an immediate threat. In the past year, we have also updated and practiced emergency procedures in partnership with the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Last May we held a school-wide practice evacuation in which all students, faculty, and staff familiarized themselves with our updated emergency procedures, and we will be re-visiting these procedures again this year.

Additionally, we contracted a security consultant from Global Guardians, a leading agency with expertise in school safety, to complete a comprehensive analysis of our security measures. The report was overwhelmingly positive. Our Global Guardians consultant commented that, “CVCS is the most attentive staff I've seen in paying attention to people on campus and communicating among one another regarding visitors and following the proper check in procedures," and also commended our excellent perimeter fencing. In order to take our security to the next level, the recommendation was made to upgrade campus security cameras and strengthening physical barriers along perimeter fencing to decrease visibility and accessibility.

To address these recommendations, we are pleased to announce some exciting developments in our security measures. Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, CVCS is partnering with JMG security to install a widely expanded security camera system that will more than triple the number of cameras and replace the outdated models with new state-of-the-art high resolution units. This monitoring system with DVR functionality will be able to record 30 days of activity, and will allow us to monitor our campus much more effectively.

While we were commended for a strong perimeter, our consultant recommended a simple solution to further strengthen our barriers by planting bushes that reduce access to our campus. To accomplish this, we have contracted a landscaping company to plant additional thorny bougainvillea to cover the entire perimeter along Del Obispo Street to reduce visual and physical access to our buildings, field and play structure. This step will enhance the beauty of our grounds while making it significantly more difficult to see or gain access to our campus.

Thank you for entrusting your children to our care. While no school can guarantee there will never be an incident, CVCS parents, students, faculty, and staff can feel confident that our school is a safe place, and we are taking immediate and meaningful steps to make it even safer.