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Technology » One-to-One Tablet Program

One-to-One Tablet Program

Today’s students are a fast-paced, multi-tasking generation that can “toggle” their attention. As a result of growing up with multimedia, cell phones, and the internet access, today’s students process information differently than students of a generation ago. They expect a high level of interaction and require a different type of education to prepare for the workforce.
Capistrano Valley Christian Schools is meeting this new challenge by offering a cutting-edge education with the 1:1 Tablet PC Program which is currently offered to all high school students.

Achievement will increase as the technology improves our student’s ability to interact with the curriculum and to work collaboratively in a real-world environment.
Ultimately, it is what we are able to do with the technology rather them the technology itself.
  • Instilling a desire and ability to uncover topics for a deeper understanding
  • Building an internal sense of accomplishment
  • Creating Lifelong Learners for the 21st Century
Test Scores, Grades, and GPA
  • Boston College and the University of Maryland published a three-year study in 2005 finding a positive correlation between performance in state testing and the regular use of computer technology in the classroom.
Graduation Outcomes
  • CVCS students are technologically literate and understand the implications of technology in our world
  • CVCS students have the knowledge necessary to succeed in higher education and the life path of their choice
  • CVCS students are effective communicators and critical thinkers
  • CVCS students are able to apply knowledge to practical situations using their creative thinking a critical analysis
  • Provides a learning environment that students are comfortable with and accustomed to
  • Increases student interaction with the curriculum by enhancing the power of online curricula and other teaching tools
  • Facilitates collaborative learning both in and outside of the classroom
Changes in dynamic of the classroom experience
  • Student spend more time applying knowledge through meaningful activities
  • Provides students with experiential learning via an Online Learning System (CVCS On-Line)
  • Excites both students and teachers, resulting in better teaching and learning relationships
Key traits that set our program apart from other 1 to 1 laptop programs are:
  • Tablets are used as a vital component of the curriculum each and every day and not simply a note-taking and research tool
  • Specialized software allows teachers and students to interact in and out of class creating a learning environment that is engaging and highly collaborative
  • Tablets allow students the flexibility of handwriting class notes which is especially useful in classes like math and science where it is difficult to use word processing software to take notes and complete assignments
  • All teachers and students will have the same exact machine creating a uniform learning experience in every class

CVCS’ ultimate goal is to seamlessly integrate technology into all aspects of the school curriculum and facilitate an “anytime, anyplace” learning environment. We are confident that the implementation of this program will serve to enhance the learning experience of each and every student and prepare them for a world that is rich in the use of technology.