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International Admissions » Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a copy of your application?
Information regarding our international student application can be downloaded on our website at the Apply Here page. All necessary documentation is listed on the first page of the application including application fees, transcripts, etc.

Can I email my application or do I need to send it via a local courier?
An emailed application is acceptable as long as all scans are clear and able to be read. CVCS prefers that applications be typed whenever possible regardless of being sent via mail or email.

What happens after I turn my application in to CVCS?
After your application is turned in to CVCS with the required application fee, the Director of International students will review your file. If any documentation is missing you or your agent will be notified immediately. Once all necessary documentation has been submitted a Skype interview will be set up with the Director of International Students and the applicant. 

Do I need to have an agency apply?
An agency is required for application. Currently, CVCS works with many excellent agencies which we are happy to recommend to you.

What is the cost to attend CVCS?
Please refer to the tuition and fee schedule. Please note that at this time, CVCS is unable to offer financial aid or scholarship opportunities to our international students.

Does CVCS accept short-term or single semester students?
We currently accept short-term, single semester, and trimester students. In fact, many students who join us for one semester, end up staying for the whole year!

Do I have to be a Christian to attend CVCS?
Our school is a Christian school; however, not all students who attend our school profess faith in Christianity. We do ask that all applicants be open to hearing about Christianity as it is an integral part of our curriculum for all subjects. All students are required to attend a chapel service once a week and to be enrolled in a Biblical studies class during each year they attend CVCS.

What is CVCS like?
CVCS is blessed to have a large campus and the ability to offer many sports opportunities for our students. We have increased our use of technology in the classroom and all students have their own tablet PC laptop and some classes will even have downloadable textbooks. We have a nurturing environment due to our small class sizes and all of our teachers are very willing to help the students succeed. This is a very friendly environment and we love to welcome new international and domestic students each year.

Does CVCS have dormitories on campus?
We do not have dormitories on campus but work with homestay providers. We find homes in the local area for our students. We prefer that our students stay with other American families who also attend our school. Our goal is to incorporate our international students into the lives of American CVCS families. The best way to learn a new culture and language is to be immersed in that culture. Living with an American family is a great way to do this! Contact Mrs. Irby for the homestay fee schedule. 

How many international students does CVCS currently accept each year?
We have between 50-60 international students on campus each year. We also try to have as many countries represented as possible to avoid cultural enclaves within the school. More than ten countries are typically represented on campus such as Switzerland, South Korea, China, Nigeria, Vietnam, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Cayman Islands and Germany. We hope to add many more countries each year!

Does CVCS offer ELD (English Language Development) support to students?
We do offer several ELD classes to benefit our international students as they begin their studies in English. We offer SDAIE (Specially Directed Academic Instruction in English) courses such as English SDAIE, US History SDAIE, Bible SDAIE, Intermediate Reading and Writing, and TOEFL Preparation.  All courses are University of California approved and assist students in their college preparation.  

Can I take AP (Advanced Placement) courses at CVCS as an international student?
We encourage our international students to take AP courses!  With teacher recommendation, many international students take multiple AP courses. Our high school students currently can select classes from ten AP courses if they wish to take on the extra challenge!

If it is my first year at CVCS, can I pick my own classes?
For every first-year international student, courses will be assigned based on English and math testing. You may be required to take ELD/SDAIE courses to improve your English before being matriculated into our mainstream courses. However, most international students have at least one or two periods per year where they can select from our variety of elective courses.

Where is CVCS located?
CVCS is located in San Juan Capistrano, California, in the heart of Orange County. Our campus is a short two miles from the beach and located close to shops and restaurants near the historic San Juan Capistrano Mission. We are approximately one hour north of San Diego and one hour south of Los Angeles.

What is the closest airport to CVCS?
The closest airport to our school is the Orange County airport called John Wayne Airport (SNA). It is about 20 minutes from our school. Most of our international students, however, fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) which is about one hour from our school.

I have more questions, who do I contact?
Please phone or email James Crawford. if you have additional questions.