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Bible Department

This course is divided into three segments. The first, being the longest, will provide students with an opportunity to examine the Old Testament in an overview format with an emphasis on key people and events, the historical and cultural background, themes, and literary genres. Students will be challenged to consider how God’s story as detailed in the Old Testament intersects with their own. The second segment will allow students to identify the 20 most common logical fallacies and discover how to think more clearly. The third and final segment will allow the students to study sexual purity from God’s perspective.
This class is designed for motivated students to go deeper in the Old Testament and New Testament. It is a combination of the typical Bible classes for 9th and 10th into one year. The first semester involves doing an inductive study on the eleven historical books of the OT. The second semester specifically involves studying the Gospel of Mark and the book of Romans in detail.
The goal of the New Testament Survey is to help each student grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord. The High School has established a four-year curriculum designed to build students’ Christian Faith in both logical and systematical ways. This class will focus on the person of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Gospels and the formation of the Church as expressed in the Acts, Epistles, and Revelation. Students will investigate such foundational questions as “Who is Jesus?” and “What does it mean to live as a Christian?” Students will also briefly study Church History, Christian disciplines, and practical topics concerning romance and dating.
This class will provide students with an introduction to Systematic Theology, Cults, and Comparative Religion. The focus will be placed on historic Christian doctrines with an emphasis on how they influence our relationships with God, others, and ourselves.
This class is designed for motivated students to go deeper in Systematic Theology and Apologetics. For the first semester, students study Systematic Theology through reading Wayne Grudem's Christian Doctrine. And then the second semester involves an in-depth study of apologetics including issues related to truth, intelligent design, the historical Jesus, arguments for God's existence, and common objections such as evil, hell, and violence in the Old Testament.
In this class students will consider the most important questions in life: What is truth? Does God exist? What is the good life? Students will learn how the answers to these questions relate directly to their daily choices and their ultimate purpose in life. The lens through which we will explore the “Big” questions is modern film. We will learn about worldviews such as existentialism, nihilism, naturalism, pantheism (new age), and learn how to defend
Advanced Bible is designed for highly motivated 11th and 12th graders who want to go deeper into biblical, philosophical, and ethical issues. We will work through a variety of Christian texts related to diverse issues such as the problem of evil, the historical Adam, same-sex marriage, God’s sovereignty, the book of Romans, and Christian spirituality.