Course Descriptions - High School » Visual and Performing Arts Department

Visual and Performing Arts Department

Art I develops the students’ observational skills with a variety of drawing projects. Students will choose one of Van Gogh’s 850 paintings as their first acrylic projects after they have spent time working with color theory. They will do an impressionist painting choosing from many artists of that time. This will be followed by a modem painting and then a self-created, free-choice painting. Students will study face and body proportions using manikins and student models. They will also be doing several scratchboards.
Art II starts the year with pen and ink projects teaching the students the seven basic strokes. Their acrylic painting choices include a still life, a landscape, and a people picture all chosen from their favorite periods of time and styles. The fourth painting is a free choice. Students are welcome to do as many paintings as they have time for beyond the fourth required painting. Charcoal and pastel work, as well as mixed media are options that they may explore. The year will conclude with a clay board project.
Art III students begin the year practicing eight basic stroke patterns in ink. This study ends with a pen and ink project using these 8 strokes. Then they will be responsible for a minimum of cityscape or waterscape, a people picture, a Scripture inspired painting and their own creative effort. Additionally, Art III students will be creating four paintings in acrylics and mixed media. Students will create a cityscape, an animal painting, and a Biblical scene focused on people. They will also have a fourth which is a free choice. The year will conclude with a clay board project.
Art IV is the year for students to show more maturity, finding their own personal style. Students begin the year practicing working with thirty different pen stroke patterns that leads to a pen and ink project. They will be doing Scripture inspired painting of their own creation, a collage of mixed media, a pastel, and a painting of their own inspiration. Hopefully they will create and paint many more beyond the basic four. They will explore new techniques and media and find their own style and voice as an artist. 
Vocal Performing Arts This class will provide instruction in vocal technique, music theory, dance, and theater arts culminating in multiple performances each semester. The fall will begin with preparation for a fully staged/choreographed musical theater performance featuring ensembles, in addition to solos and duets from a variety of Broadway musicals. The semester will conclude with a Christmas concert of traditional seasonal music. In the spring semester, the class will focus on choral music of differing styles (pop, world music, classical, gospel) in preparation for competitions, festivals, and a showcase concert. The students will travel together on a one day choir tour where they will compete in a festival, spend time at an amusement park and build community together through meaningful and enjoyable experiences.
Dance This class includes technical training in all areas of dance from classical to contemporary; ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, theater, and African or Bollywood, too.