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Digital Design and Publication This course is designed to provide students with the experience of organizing, managing, creating, and producing the annual CVCS yearbook. Students will be responsible for all aspects of yearbook production (photos, layout, design, journal, planning, advertising, research, interviewing, writing articles, captions, and headlines, etc.)
Business and Entrepreneurship Program: The principles of the entrepreneurial mindset teach students how to be innovative so that they can create value in a new economy. These business skill sets can inspire and empower students to harness their untapped God-given potential. As kingdom stewards, students will learn to use their talents creatively, to think outside the box, and to overcome fears and barriers in the academic and workforce environments.
    • Semester I: The Entrepreneurial Mindset – Upon completion of this course, students will understand the strengths of the entrepreneurial mindset in its true economic and social context by studying the unlimited opportunities that an entrepreneur mindset can provide. The students will study the skills, attitudes and behaviors that successful entrepreneurs have historically possessed, as well as the issues, circumstances and obstacles that shaped their time. Additionally, students will analyze modern-day successful entrepreneurs who faced hardship and adversity by embracing an entrepreneurial mindset. The characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset will be dissected and applied to the students own mindset and entrepreneurial potential.
    • Semester II: Introduction to Business – The purpose of this course is to teach business acumen for writing a business plan using best practices and a Biblical approach to develop a Christ-centered model for success. These life skills will be helpful in every student’s personal life and career as they learn through real life applications, examples, and guest speakers. Content areas of study include: leadership, business types, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, organizational behavior, and business law. Each area of study will also be connected to daily life activities such as: Leadership / balancing individual qualities and skill sets to maximize leadership strengths; Accounting and Finance / personal checking account, budgeting, Organizational Behavior / life mission, values, teamwork, and conflict management.
The students will also be encouraged to consider how the issues being discussed relate to their long term character development.
  1. What is meant by Christian professionalism?
  2. What are the attitudes of a Christian professional?
  3. What are ways that a mature faith is manifested in the work place?
  4. What is a Christian business ideology?
  5. What are the responsibilities of Christians in a free market place?
  6. What steps should I take when faced with an ethical problem?