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Welcome to the new music class being offered to CVCS for 6th-12th grade students!

Beginning in the 6th grade, students graduate from the MIND music program and begin rhythm training. Drumline utilizes the core rhythm principles mastered in MIND music and turns them into practical instrumental use. Elementary students receive instruction using drumsticks and practice pads two sessions per week, 30 minutes per session. Junior High students may participate in Drumline for PE credit. High School Drumline is new for 2018-19 and acts as a club that meets up to 3 times per week.

The Drumline is typically part of an entire marching band but stands on its own as well. There is a wide variety of repertoire available for young percussionists, allowing for both creativity and classical training.

There are two aspects to Drumline, marching and music. While most of the instruction will involve music, students will learn marching skills in order to learn how the two fit together. Marching movements require a certain amount of core strength and body mechanics that incorporate the MIND.

Drumline participates in athletic games and builds school morale. Drumline performs for various school events to allow students to get used to performing while allowing

students to show off their hard work.

The Drumline introduces other aspects of percussion including; body percussion, african percussion, orchestral percussion and latin percussion. Students also have the chance during chapel to see how percussion is incorporated into praise music.

This is an exciting adventure that is taking part here at CVCS, giving students the opportunity to explore something new while providing chances to step into leadership roles and team building scenarios. Grades are based off of participation, attitude, knowledge and effort.