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The CVCS Board of Trustees follows a Policy Governance Model. As the name suggests, this model of governance focuses on the use of board policies as the instruments for creating the vision, establishing the purposes, setting parameters for administration, and evaluating school outcomes. Volunteer Trustees can serve up to two, three-year terms and the Board meets monthly throughout the year.

Rob Williams

Rob Williams

Term: 2015 - 2018
Spouse: Mary
Children at CVCS: Mike (Class of 2017)
Occupation: Architect
CVCS Board: Chair
Dan Williamson

Dan Williamson

Term: 2007 - 2017
Spouse: Saroya Williamson
Children at CVCS: Kaylin Boyer (Class of 2009), Kalyse Boyer (Class of 2007), Taylea (Class of 2016), Trennon (12th), Shayla (10th)
Occupation: President and CEO Aspen Medical Products, Fiji Manufacturing Inc., WG Holdings, Seaview Acquistion Partners, Carsar LLC

Stephen Catto

Stephen Catto

Term: 2017-2021
Spouse: Mandy
Children at CVCS: Jenna (Class of 2018)
Occupation: Managing Director, Broadshade Group
Paul Conzelman

Paul Conzelman

Term: 2018–2022
Spouse: Amy
Children at CVCS: Jacob (6th), James (3rd), Halle (1st)
Occupation: President, SC Development
Gail Hockerman

Gail Hockerman

Term: 2013-2019
Spouse: Jim
Children at CVCS: Joshua (Class of 2014)
Occupation: Business/Data Analyst
J.C. Macrae

J.C. MacRae

Term: 2007 - open
Spouse: Anne
Children at CVCS: Scott (Class of 2005) & Lizzy (Class of 2007)
Occupation: Business Executive
CVCS Board: PCE Group Representative
Tyler Merrick

Tyler Merrick

Term: 2016–2020
Spouse: Taylor
Children at CVCS: Quinn (9th), Harper (6th), Liv (3rd)
Occupation:  Founder and President, Project 7
CVCS Board: Vice Chair
Jon Pharris

Jon Pharris

Term: 2017-2021
Spouse: Ashley
Children at CVCS: Emma (6th), Jonathan (5th), Andrew (2nd), Elizabeth (KG)
Occupation: Co-Founder and President, CapRock Partners
Julie Rapattoni

Julie Rapattoni

Term: 2012 - 2017
Spouse: Steve
Children at CVCS: Ryan (Class of 2016)
Occupation: Homemaker and Volunteer Coordinator
CVCS Board: Secretary
Cheryl Sears

Cheryl Sears

Term: 2010 - 2017
Spouse: Bob
Children at CVCS: Joshua (11th), Andrew (Class of 2011), Alex (Class of 2014)
Occupation: Office Manager

Misty Teng

Misty Teng

Term: 2018-2022
Spouse: Wang
Children at CVCS: Garrett (8th), Ryan (6th)
Occupation: Stay at Home Mom, PACE President