Mrs. Guy’s Summer to Do:


Play and read. Play and read. Practice math facts around the dinner table or in the car. Get outside, have grand adventures. Repeat.

Teachers stress the importance of students keeping up on their schoolwork in order to not regress during the summer so that they will have a seamless transition in the fall. The problem is, some parents take this to the extreme. Worksheets and websites have a time and place but should be limited. Get creative and allow your child to practice core skills without realizing they are doing so. Let them be little, as the saying goes, but don’t forget that reading and adding/ subtracting are life skills that can be naturally incorporated into beach days and bed times and can be made fun. Here are some ideas:

  • Have family reading time in the evenings. Take 20 minutes when everyone sits in the same room and reads their own book or choose a fun family book and take turns reading it aloud together. Your “second grader” can do this now!
  • Morning devotions and journaling. My mom did this when I was a kid. In summer we would read a quick children’s devotion or Bible passage and then have our own little journals where we could write a prayer to God. This has so many benefits including practicing writing skills but also models spiritual disciplines. Just remember this should be a fun and joyful activity and not a chore. It’s all about presentation.
  • Make up math games for long (or short) car rides. It will be important for your child to quickly recall math facts to 20 without using his/her fingers. This can be a quick activity on the way to the grocery store or on the way to a friend’s house.
  • Limit screen time. Technology is a wonderful tool but more and more research shows that long term screen usage can hinder the developing brain. One article I read suggested that children 2-18 should have less than two hours of screen time a day (this includes TV)! com is a great math help when screen time is allowed.
  • If your child struggled a bit during first grade, an hour or two of tutoring a week could be highly beneficial. You should have received a packet on CVCS summer tutoring options but if not, contact the front office for more information.

Pinterest has an abundance of ideas if you need more but this should be a good start. Happy Summer Dear Ones!