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Coaching Bio

Sheri’s experience with cheerleading began in her teens when she cheered for four consecutive years, cheering on Varsity cheer at Irvine High School and serving as the team’s captain. Her involvement in various athletic programs span over a decade, which includes volunteering her time in her children’s sports leagues, and serving on the board of directors for three years with her local Little League. For the past seven years, Sheri has assisted with travel baseball team management. She has been on staff with the CVCS Homeschool Co-Op for the past three years teaching both Kindergarten and Junior High students. She is the mother of four children. Two sons are CVCS graduates (2017 & 2019), her third son is a CVCS high school student, and her daughter is a student in the CVCS homeschool program. 

Sheri’s enthusiastic attitude, spirited personality, attention to detail, and effective communication skills will serve the varsity cheer program well!