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Kindergarten GROW » What is Kindergarten GROW?

What is Kindergarten GROW?

CVCS and a team of teachers have been working together to develop the Kindergarten GROW Program; a hands-on, cross-curricular, environment that will create the area's first and only STEM-based learning classroom. The program will allow students to learn about God's incredible creation through the study of science in a truly interactive environment. Students will interact with their learning in a much more active and engaging manner. While the program is designed to integrate the many disciplines of science into everyday experiences, our team will still focus on developing the core strengths of reading, writing, and mathematics, in addition to the Bible curriculum and all other programs that already exist.

This STEM-based approach encourages social development through exploratory and immersive play. Students will master life skills by cultivating leadership opportunities and participating in a weekly “genius hour” designed to explore and share the knowledge they have acquired through study and exploration. The classroom will contain such features as indoor ecology gardens, water tables, and other hands-on science stations. Kindergarten GROW is truly innovative learning that moves beyond the desk! The GROW program will foster creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration in ways traditional classrooms simply cannot replicate.

We are currently partnering with Discovery Cube, Ecology Center, DeepRoots and the City of Dana Point. Representatives from those organizations have already begun attending planning meetings and having tours on campus. We are currently developing the actual designs in partnership with exhibit designers and contractors in preparation for the remodel of our existing space. The designs will resemble the perfect blend between a children's science center and modern, flexible classroom learning environment.

In the future, the elementary team will be planning to develop a comprehensive scope and sequence to bring similar age-appropriate experiences to all elementary classrooms.

If you would like learn more, please email Ms. Day at