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Ladies Luncheon

Join us for fellowship, a delicious lunch provided my Sundried Tomato and a good word from our very own fellow CVCS Mom, Traci Randall. She will be speaking to us about, "A perfectly wrapped Gift - The Heart of God Seen in the Christmas Story!!"

In an effort to respect the number of fundraisers that CVCS has each year, the Ladies Luncheon is no longer be a fundraiser for the Library. The funds needed to sustain the CVCS Library will be drawn from the CVCS Annual Fund Campaign. If you would like to support the Library, please follow this link and make a donation:
11:00 AM   Fellowship
12:00 PM   Lunch
12:30 PM   "A perfectly wrapped Gift - The Heart of God Seen in the Christmas Story!', Traci Randall
1:00 PM     Coffee & Dessert
1:15 PM     Raffle Prices

randallTraci Randall is a gifted communicator who speaks with honesty, humor, and boldness and has a tenacity for the truth. Her heart’s desire is to challenge women to experience the power of Jesus in their lives every day whether they’re doing laundry, working a full-time job, sitting in carpool, leading a ministry or changing diapers. With a “tell it like it is” style that will have you laughing one minute and crying the next, Traci encourages women of every age to keep on, stay real and do the work that God has designed them to do.

Traci has been speaking to and leading women for over 20 years. She has been a speaker for MOPS, women's retreats and special events and has taught bible studies and workshops for women. She is currently involved in leadership training and teaching for the women's Gathering at Pacific Coast Church where she attends. But her favorite "job" is being a mom to CVCS students, Josh and Katie. She enjoys lunch with friends, watching her kids participate in the activities they love and an evening out with her husband, Craig when they can.
To connect with Traci about speaking go to