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The offices are open during the summer Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.


2018-2019 Dress Code Policy

Uniforms are available for purchase at Land's End


Students will adhere to the dress code at all times while on campus.  Students will not be allowed in class if they are not in dress code.  Teachers, staff and/or administration will conduct enforcement of the dress code.  Students and appropriate school office will be notified of the violation and related consequence.  Repeat violators will receive consequences that increase in length and severity, up to and including suspension from class, school and/or withdrawal or expulsion from CVCS.

CVCS believes that a designated student wardrobe is a positive way to emphasize membership and group identity, fostering a community spirit. Uniforms allow students to be recognized for who they are rather than what they wear, and help to promote school unity. Student apparel reflects the conduct, attitudes and the quality of the school. This helps students to realize that a person’s unique gifts and personality traits go deeper than their apparel and aren’t diminished by uniform dress. At CVCS, all JK-12th grade students are required to wear uniforms.