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DeepRoots Bible Curriculum

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100% Digital

DeepRoots Bible is the first Bible curriculum for Christian schools developed specifically for online use. All aspects of the curriculum are digital and accessed through a Teacher Website and Student Website. It works across all platforms – laptops, tablets, phones, Mac and PC. The student login allows access from home. 

Worldview and Apologetics Teaching

The curriculum is also unique in its content, which is taught from a Biblical worldview and apologetics perspective. Apologetics is a discipline used since Biblical times, most notably by Paul on Mars Hill, which offers evidence for belief. DeepRoots Bible employs this discipline to demonstrate compelling evidence for the Bible’s truth from external sources, such as archaeology, history, geography, science, and ancient non-biblical writings.

A worldview is simply the way in which we view the world. The goal of this curriculum is to train students to view their lives from a Biblical perspective rather than buying into the culture’s explanation. 

Simple Format, Challenging Content

As the name implies, DeepRoots Bible provides deep, rich content to challenge students. On the other hand, it provides a simple format for teachers through its intuitive website. Self-graded tests and worksheets with scores tabulated automatically save teachers valuable time.

DeepRoots Bible includes original songs, written by an award-winning team, that provide a fun way for students to learn key truths about the Bible. Engaging illustrations and impactful slideshows make the Bible come alive. Maps, created specifically for DeepRoots, under the direction of a PhD archaeologist, show students both modern and ancient geography to emphasize that Biblical events occurred in real places.

Chronological Scope and Sequence

Students cycle through the Bible in two years via the chronological scope and sequence. The Old Testament is taught in Kdg, 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades and the New Testament is covered in 2nd, 4th, and 6th grades, with Christ being taught in all years, including how He is found in the Old Testament. The interactive timeline visually teaches the overarching story of the Bible as students watch it grow throughout the year.

Integrated Learning

All parts of a unit tie together, with the Bible memory verse, character trait, key Biblical facts and vocabulary all relating directly to the Scripture passage. Cross-disciplinary learning is also used as students are exposed to science, history, geography, social science, classical art and hymns to demonstrate that God is sovereign over all of life.

Life Application

As the Biblical worldview is emphasized, students learn how to apply the truths of the Bible to their own lives in practical ways through role-playing, games, discussions and other activities.  Students are encouraged to use critical thinking through well-crafted discussion questions. Inductive Bible study, using the methods of observation, interpretation, and application, is also taught throughout each grade.

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