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Portrait of a Graduate

The CVCS Portrait of a Graduate is the roadmap by which we graduate Christ-centered students who strive to become Servant Leaders, Courageous Christians, and Truth Seekers.

This aspirational model is based on a biblical worldview and the command to love God and love others (Matthew 22:37-38). At the center is Christ because the school exists to provide an excellent education in a Christ-centered environment (Colossians 1:15-17). Jesus Christ is the perfect example of the three pillars:

Servant Leader, Courageous Christian, Truth Seeker

Courageous Christian (Joshua 1:9)

A CVCS graduate possesses a deep understanding of their gifts, talents, and abilities gifted by God. They exude confidence in their identity rooted in Christ. Their resilience has been forged through experience, wise counsel, and enriched by the grace of Christ. Courageous Christians exhibit perseverance and embrace the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel truth to the world with enthusiasm.

Servant Leader (Mark 10:45) 

A CVCS graduate eagerly seeks opportunities to humbly serve the community, mirroring Christ's selfless example of sacrificial love. They strive to honor God through their service, upholding integrity in all they do. Servant leaders guide others through their actions, embodying Paul's encouragement to imitate Christ.

Truth Seeker (Psalm 86:11; John 14:6)

A CVCS graduate comprehends that all truth originates from God, marked by beauty and goodness. They recognize the presence of Christ and His truth in academic endeavors, professional work, relationships, and leisure activities. Those who seek truth understand that the pursuit is continual, and they joyfully and humbly engage in fellowship with God and His community throughout their journey. Through obedience and time, they undergo transformation, attaining wisdom and true freedom.

CVCS faculty and staff are committed to teaching, coaching, leading, and modeling these character traits for every student, culminating in our graduating seniors. 

Faculty and staff award Portrait of a Graduate coins to sixth through twelfth-grade students who exemplify the pillars of Courageous Christian, Servant Leader, and Truth Seeker. These students are acknowledged at assemblies, chapels, awards ceremonies, and graduation.