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Strengthening students faith
Strengthening students faith


We aim to produce graduates with a confident intellectual understanding of what they believe and a heart that is inclined toward sharing God's love with the world.

Retreat -

The annual high school retreat is the highlight of the year for most students. Students go on a spiritual retreat to the mountains to make new friends, build class unity, and facilitate spiritual growth. These retreats are filled with fun activities and have a significant impact on our students, providing them with a chance to reflect on their lives and hear from various dynamic speakers. These experiences build a foundation of trust and point to the One who ultimately is the foundation of life.

Check out this video from the last retreat

High School Retreat 2022

Chapel -

As an integral part of a healthy walk with Christ, students in high school participate in weekly chapels with engaging worship lead by dynamic guest speakers. All chapels serve to teach adolescents to glorify, honor, and praise the name of Jesus Christ.

mentor groups -

Students meet in small groups once a week to fellowship with their peers and grow their faith with a trusted teacher mentor.

Outreach -

CVCS allows high school students to live out their Christian faith. Part of that is opening their eyes to the world’s reality and seeing themselves as part of God’s work among the needy and hurting.

Students participate in local and global mission trips in places like the Orange County Rescue Mission, LA’s Skid Row, Mexico, Costa Rica, Russia and more. 

Apologetics Missions Trip

Each year a group of students study and prepare to visit UC Berkeley to learn how to winsomely and thoughtfully engage agnostic, skeptical, and secular thinkers in meaningful discussion about relevant cultural and spiritual matters.

Community Service -

High school students are required to complete 20 hours of community service per school year as part of their Bible grade.