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Student Support

Academic Counseling

CVCS offers students a robust and deeply personal academic counseling process beginning in seventh grade, preparing them to get into the college of their dreams.

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Health Services

The nurse's office provides students and school staff with basic health care, first aid, and health counseling that emphasizes illness prevention.  It is staffed with one full-time R.N. and is open during the regular school hours. 

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Resource Intervention Success Education

CVCS offers a Resource Intervention Success Education (RISE) program to help your child be a successful student. Our qualified and caring staff will work together to customize a plan that meets the specific learning needs of your child.

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School Therapist

Adolescence is a time of enormous change and growth, and we recognize the need for social and emotional support for all of our junior high and high school students as they navigate the teenage years and transition to college. A Christian therapist is available on campus for up to three complimentary sessions for each student.

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