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Canvas LMS

We are excited to announce that the high school at Capistrano Valley Christian Schools will be transitioning to using Canvas as its “Learning Management System” (LMS). An LMS is an essential resource for a school: it’s a website where teachers post class materials and other resources for students to access, where students upload assignments, where the gradebook is kept updated, and much more. Google Classroom will remain our LMS at the elementary and junior high levels.

Canvas is a leader in its industry, renowned for its reliability and support, cutting-edge features, integrations with other services we use, and rich customization. Canvas is employed at about 20% of high schools and over 50% of colleges and universities in the US today, making it the most popular LMS in the country.

We anticipate Canvas being a game-changer for our high school’s academic program. Canvas’ features will allow for innovative classes and programs, streamlined workflows for teachers and students, the possibility of new types of creative and collaborative projects, richer teacher feedback for students, improved communication, and more effective college preparation.

Canvas will be the new home for parents and students to connect with the high school classes at CVCS. Most notably, Canvas is where the gradebook for each class will be housed; check Canvas (instead of FACTS) often this year to see your progress in your courses, including what work may be missing and the teachers’ feedback on your work! However, we will still recommend contacting teachers via their email addresses.

All the accounts for high school students and parents have been created automatically. Although courses won’t begin to populate for a few more weeks, you can log in as soon as you’d like to with the instructions below:

How STUDENTS can log into Canvas:

1. Go to the student login link below
2. Sign in with your school Google Account (new students will receive their login by the first day of school)

How PARENTS can log into Canvas:

1. Go to the parent login link below
2. Click on “Forgot Password?”
3. Type in your email address (it will be the same email address that received *this* email!) and press “Request Password”
4. Click the link in the email that Canvas sends you
5. Create a password for yourself and confirm, and log in again at the link in step one if necessary

If you have any questions or issues with Canvas this year, please reach out to the school’s Educational Technologist, Mr. Joseph Jasper at