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School Policies

The Parent Student Handbook provides parents and students with guidelines and expectations of all school policies.

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Boys and Girls Wardrobe

All students must be covered completely from mid-thigh (5” above the knee) to top of chest and back in non-see-through and non-revealing materials.

  • When walking, sitting, bending or lifting the arms, the midriff or any of the side/back/underarm area of the torso must not be visible.

  • Holes or rips in jeans on Fridays are not permitted.

  • Outer garments should be size appropriate and conceal all undergarments.

  • Sleepwear, including slippers (crocs included) and blankets, are not allowed. 

  • Exceptions are made on predetermined and school-sanctioned “dress-up” days only.

Clothing must be free of obscene or inappropriate words and/or logos.This includes writing and/or graphics that may be perceived as racially insensitive, sexually suggestive, culturally demeaning, or politically charged.

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