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CVCS is excited to be implementing a new visitor management system, carline automation, late entry, and early dismissal tracking that will assist our school staff in keeping our students safe. This new system facilitates visitor screening, visitor badge printing, notifications, and emergency attendance – all in one place.  Our school staff will know in real-time all visitors coming and going from our campus, increasing the safety of students, teachers, and staff. Before any visitor will be allowed to enter the school building during the school day, they will be required to sign-in on the iPad located at the main entrance of the school. Using SchoolPass's patented carline automation technology, parents are automatically identified and students are organized for dismissal based on license plates, RFID/toll tags, GPS on their phones, or mobile entry onsite. Staff use this information to manage efficient and faster dismissal. We are excited to begin using this new program; it will provide our school with a quick and easy way for visitors to sign in to our building and will also add another level of security to keep our kids safe.