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Developing leaders

Junior High

Seventh and Eighth Grade

The CVCS junior high school is where students in seventh and eighth grade experience the transition from childhood to young adulthood safely surrounded by godly, caring adults. The curriculum emphasizes wide-ranging exploration and skill development in specific disciplines, taught by teachers who understand and genuinely enjoy students at this age. Organization and accountability are emphasized, and students learn to take responsibility for managing their work.

In junior high, students are challenged to embrace new ideas and think independently. The classroom experience is based on increased academic rigor combined with increased freedom of choice and support for young adolescents' social/emotional needs. Our team strives to partner with families to disciple junior high students in a life of godly service and leadership in the world.

Curriculum Guide  JH Profile

Junior High Principal

The junior high years are often regarded as some of the most difficult years of people’s lives, but they don’t have to be. We believe that with loving guidance, rigorous opportunities, and the grace of God, the junior high years can be an incredible launchpad to a bright and meaningful future. Come join us in the CVCS Junior High and elevate your future.