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Students develop skills in dance, theater, singing and the visual arts as they pursue not only excellence in their craft but also a deeper understanding of what it means to use their God-given gifts and talents to the fullest potential.

Fall Theater Production

Theatre plays an important role in education, it allows the student to explore, understand, and strengthen self-knowledge in many ways. While deepening their understanding of drama, students grow as individuals with a strong sense of pride and accomplishment. Junior High students are able to try out for a role in the fall theater production working in collaboration with high school students. 

Spring Musical Production

Students explore the world around them through musical performance skills. They discover gifts and unknown talents while experiencing the joy of group effort and camaraderie. Whether on the stage, or behind the scenes junior high has the opportunity to try out for a role in the spring musical where they work collaboratively to complete amazing artistic productions.

Expressing creativity
Into the Woods Performing Arts. school musical