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Strengthening students faith

Chapel -

As an integral part of their deepening faith in Christ, students in junior high participate in weekly chapels are lead by teachers, administrators, and guest speakers. All chapels serve to teach our students about what it means to have a deep faith in Jesus and how it prepares them for a life of joy, meaning, and purpose. 

mentor groups -

Students meet in small groups once a week to fellowship with their peers and grow their faith with a trusted teacher mentor.

Building meaningful relationships


Junior high students go on annual retreats to the mountains to build class unity and facilitate spiritual growth. These retreats are filled with fun activities and have a great impact on our students, providing them with a chance to reflect on their lives and hear from a variety of fantastic speakers. These experiences build a foundation of trust and point to the One who ultimately is the foundation of life.

Serving our community

Community Service -

We believe God has called us to loving others across the globe and in our own backyard. It is a blessing to get out of our comfort zone and serve others.

Through ongoing partnerships local missions, every student has the opportunity to serve.